Oliver DeMille
$15.00 / month

Mentoring in the Classics + TJEd Implementation

Establish your ideal family education culture with MIC! Lead out with confidence and vision for homeschooling success.

Leadership Education Mentors

2018 TJEd Online Convention

Dozens of presentations, for dads, moms, youth, beginners, exceptional families, etc.--all at one low price per household, with two months full access to all content, on-demand.

Leadership Education Mentors

2018 TJEd Online Youth Conference

Youth-Specific Inspiration for An Education to Match Your Mission


2018 TJEd Online Convention + Youth Conference

Convention plus Youth Conference, at one low price!

$45.00 / month

TJEd High! Fall 2018

Getting an Education to Match Your Mission!

Leadership Education Mentors

Homeschooling for Dads Toolkit