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    1. VIDEO: YSS Orientation

    2. VIDEO: What is the YSS Overview? How does the YSS Binder work?

    3. Welcome to YSS! Here is your First Week Pre-Launch!

    1. September B1 - DISCOVER: Binder, Medallions, Book Club and TWIH

    2. September B1 - EXPLORE: Book Club and Quarterly Event

    3. September B1 - Debriefing, Coaching and Preparation

    4. September B2 - DISCOVER: Personal History

    5. September B2 - EXPLORE: Personal History

    6. September B2 - Debriefing, Coaching and Preparation

    7. September B3 - DISCOVER: U. S. Constitution - Three Branches of Government and the Seven Articles of the Constitution

    8. September B3 - EXPLORE: U. S. Constitution: Checks and Balances, Making Laws, Family Constitution

    9. September B3: Debriefing, Preparation and Coaching


    2. SNEAK PREVIEW: YSS Coaching and Curriculum Samples

    3. YSS Math Projects: Learning Times Tables

    4. YSS: Math Resources and Mentor Training

    5. YSS: Chain Reactions

    6. YSS: Chain Reactions Resources and Mentoring Training

    7. YSS: Poetry

    8. YSS: Poetry Resources and Mentor Training

    9. YSS: Poetry Coaching from Mentoring in the Classics

    10. YSS: Debriefing for Poetry, Sonnets and Word Love

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