Course curriculum

    1. MENTOR PREP 1: Welcome to YSS! Here is your First Week Pre-Launch!


    3. Explaining the YSS Medallions

    4. MENTOR PREP 3: What is the YSS Overview? How does the YSS Binder work?

    5. MENTOR PREP 4: YSS Book Club

    1. New Chapter

    2. First Monday for kids - DISCOVER: Binder, Medallions, Book Club and TWIH

    3. First Wednesday for Kids - EXPLORE: Book Club and Winter A Quarterly Event

    4. First Friday for Mentors- Debriefing, Coaching and Preparation

    1. Cresting Orientation Video

    2. YSS Basics, Quarterly Calendars and TWIH Tie-Ins

    3. Master Mentor Binder Forms

    4. Club, Service, Book Club, Quarterly Event and Hero Packets

    5. Goal Area Samples

    6. Mentor and Youth Coaching Videos

    7. YSS Mission Statement in ASL: 8-Minute Tutorial

    8. YSS Mission Statement in ASL: Sign along, with voice and captions [30 seconds]

    9. Quarterly Event Certificates of Merit

    1. February A1 DISCOVER - Hands in Service & YSS Book Club

    2. February A1 EXPLORE - Hands in Service & YSS Book Club

    3. February A1 - Debriefing, Coaching and Preparation

    4. February A2 DISCOVER - Leadership Excellence: Foreign Language

    5. February A2 EXPLORE - Leadership Excellence: Foreign Language

    6. February A2 - Debriefing, Coaching and Preparation

    7. February A3 DISCOVER - Leadership Excellence: Local Government

    8. February A3 EXPLORE - Leadership Excellence: Local Government

    9. February A3 - Debriefing, Coaching and Preparation

    10. February A4: YSS Club Assembly

    11. February A4 - Winter A Quarterly Event: The YSS Online Geography Fair

    12. February A4 - Debriefing Winter Quarter and About Next Week....

    1. The Family Tune-Up: A Mini Reset!

    1. The Lamp of Learning Medallion

    2. About Benito Juarez

    3. About Abigail Adams

    4. Music

    5. Science

    6. Mathematics

    7. History

    8. Spelling

    9. Penmanship

    10. Poetry

    11. Art

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