Course curriculum

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    2. Cresting Orientation Video

    3. "Rachel's Mine" Sharecast on Marco Polo

    4. Discussion Forum

    1. TJEd Live Workshop Details & Schedule

    2. Workshop: Blank Page Brainstorm

    3. Workshop: The 7 Steps of Mission

    4. Workshop: Family Education Lessons with Aristotle

    5. Workshop: An Introduction to the Love of Math with Euclidean Geometry

    1. Sample Video Mentoring: What Is Yours To Do [Month 5 - "What's So Great About the Classics"]

    2. ****SNEAK PREVIEW: Mentoring in the Classics****

    3. Sample: Intro Audio for Gatto's Dumbing Us Down [Month 3]

    4. Sample: STUDY GUIDE: Anne of Green Gables

    5. Sample: DEBRIEFING AUDIO: Anne of Green Gables

    6. Sample: Bonus Audio for Little Britches

    7. Sample: One More Thought (Transition from The Phantom Tollbooth to Emma)

    8. ****SNEAK PREVIEW: This Week in History****

    9. June 28 - July 4: Simulation, Funambulation, and Declaration!

    10. July 5 - 11: Take a Walk on the Wild Side...

    11. July 12 - 18: Climb a Mountain, Storm a Palace, Turn a Cartwheel ...

    12. July 19 - 25: Juicy Poems, Dusty Footprints, Fiery Fiddles, and more!

    13. July 26 - August 1: Running Rabbits, Distance-Speak, Penned-up Ponies & Pike's Peak

    14. ****SNEAK PREVIEW: Black Belt in Freedom****

    15. Black Belt in Freedom Month 4 Syllabus and Study Guide

    16. Sample: Black Belt in Freedom INTRO AUDIO #1: 196 & The Bible

    17. Sample: Black Belt in Freedom INTRO AUDIO #2: 196 & The Bible

    18. Sample: Black Belt in Freedom DEBRIEFING AUDIO PART 1: 196 & The Bible

    19. Sample: Black Belt in Freedom DEBRIEFING AUDIO PART 2: 196 & The Bible

    20. ***SNEAK PREVIEW: Young Statesmen/Stateswomen Society***

    21. Explaining the New TJEd for Kids Program - for Ages 7 - 13 and their Parents

    22. YSS Samples and Reviews

    23. Sample: YSS October B3 - DISCOVER: Food Storage

    24. Sample: YSS October B3 - EXPLORE Food Storage

    25. Sample: YSS October B3 - Debriefing, Coaching and Preparation on Food Storage, Fermentation and Sprouting

    26. Sample: YSS June B3 DISCOVER - Georgic Freedom: Survival

    27. Sample: YSS June B3 EXPLORE - Georgic Freedom: Survival (Scroll down for Foraging)

    28. ***SNEAK PREVIEW: TJEd High!***

    29. Winter B Semester: Class Debrief: Emma 2/2

    30. Summer C Advanced Semester: Debrief: The Last Battle

    31. Fall A Semester: Debrief: Bowditch 2/2

    32. ***SNEAK PREVIEW: TJEd Depth***

    33. The 7 Lessons of Depth Phase by Oliver DeMille

    34. Course 1: Friday Debrief: The Naked Communist 2/3

    35. Course 3: Monday Debrief: The Republic 1/4

    36. Course 4: Monday Debrief: On Civil and Natural Rights 1816

    1. Oliver & Rachel DeMille: The 55 Ingredients from the Phases of Learning (and what we've learned since then)

    2. Oliver DeMille: The 2023 COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS - "What I’d Say to the Graduating Class (and their Parents) Right Now!"

    1. I Am, I Can, I Ought, I Will - Supplying Family Vision and Leadership through Mother Culture (TJEd and Charlotte Mason)

    2. Workshop, Ian Cox: Time, Not Content and Your Emotional Bank Account

    3. Living Your Mission With Littles by Emma Cox and RachelDeMille

    4. 7 Lessons on Homeschooling from Jane Austen by Emma Cox

    5. Inspirational Context - You Wouldn't Scold a Baby by Ian Cox

    6. Explaining the New TJEd for Kids Program - for Ages 7 - 13 and their Parents

    7. YSS Samples and Reviews

    8. TJEd Depth Mentoring: Explaining the New TJEd Depth Program for College Level!

    1. The Inspired Mind: The TJEd Master Mentor Binder

    2. The TJEd Master Mentor Binder: Weekly Mentor Tools by Ian and Emma Cox [printable binder pages included]

    3. The TJEd Master Mentor Binder: "Cresting" [printable binder pages included]

    4. The TJEd Master Mentor Binder: 6-Month Inventory, "No," and Purge [printable binder pages included]

    5. The TJEd Master Mentor Binder: Goals and Records Coaching

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