Oliver DeMille
$10.00 first payment, $15.00 / month onwards

Mentoring in the Classics + TJEd Implementation

Establish your ideal family education culture with MIC! Lead out with confidence and vision for homeschooling success.

Ian & Emma Cox

TJEd High! Summer 2018

TJEd High! is all about meeting you wherever you are at, then inspiring and then guide youth through a full 5,000 hour Scholar Phase!

$45.00 / month

TJEd High! Fall 2018

Getting an Education to Match Your Mission!

Rachel DeMille
$10.00 first payment, $12.99 / month onwards

This Week In History

This Week in History is a daily resource, ideal for multi-age, family learning, that brings your home school or classroom to life. With a subscription to This Week in History, each day’s resources are an adventure in math, science, language skills

Oliver DeMille

MIC+ Family Classic Sampler

Three beloved family classics get the MIC+ treatment - at one bundled price for immediate access.

Oliver DeMille
$19.00 / month

Black Belt in Freedom

Black Belt in Freedom