Oliver DeMille

Understanding the Constitution

Freedom is under attack by many leading institutions and groups in the U.S. and internationally. People who care about our freedoms need to understand what is really going on—now more than ever!

Oliver DeMille

MIC+ Family Classic Sampler

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Leadership Education Mentors

1st Annual Online TJEd Convention

The TJEd Online Convention is now available by monthly subscription! No deadline stress – just enroll and unsub at your own convenience. Or choose the economical yearly subscription for greater savings!

Leadership Education Mentors
$35.00 / month

2nd Annual Convention Subscription Access

Dozens of presentations, for dads, moms, youth, beginners, exceptional families, etc.--all at one low price per household, with two months full access to all content, on-demand.

Oliver DeMille

Black Belt in Freedom Custom Bulk

Black Belt in Freedom