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Why do an online convention? 

We love the opportunity to do live events and to meet everyone face-to-face. There is something very special and powerful about direct contact. And - this can also limit access for people in remote areas, or whose circumstances preclude them traveling to a convention venue. 

Doing an online convention has enabled us to "travel" around the world and step directly into the homes of so many wonderful families. It's been amazing to see families come out of the woodworks who felt distant from any support groups. Our online forums have become an amazing source of support, information, and mentoring. 

You get all this from the comfort of your home, according to your schedule, and at the fraction of the cost attending a live event (consider travel, missed work, hotels, food, etc.). 

What to expect from this year's convention:

  • TJEd and Leadership Education in Thomas Jefferson's Own Words
  • What are we raising them for?
  • Understanding and Preventing Elitism and Socialism in Our Own Homes
  • Mentoring in the Classics and TJEd High style reading assignment and discussion! 
  • Dealing with heavy themes in classics, a conversation to have with every young adult, a mission workshop, how to approach complex history, how to lead discussions for different age groups, a special series on great education…

...and much, much more!

Remember, we share examples and insights on how to handle certain scenarios, but TJEd is hyper-focused on principles. Each and every home will look a little different. Each child is not a little different but a lot different from each other. ;) Often the "same" scenario is actually different each time it comes back up. 

What you can really count on from any TJEd event is how to learn. How to think. How to learn the principles that work and how to apply the principles successfully. 

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TJEd Mentors
TJEd Mentors
A Thomas Jefferson Education

Course Curriculum

NEW TO HOMESCHOOL! (Not sure you even want to?) This is for you.
Especially for Newbies!
VIDEO: Intro to TJEd, Part 1- The 3 Types of Education
VIDEO: Intro to TJEd, Part 2: The Family Reset
VIDEO: Intro to TJEd, Part 3: The Phases of Learning
AUDIO: The 7 Keys of Great Teaching and the Phases of Learning
VIDEO: The Frustrated/Accidental/Reluctant or New Homeschooler: 3 Things You Must Get Right
VIDEO: The 5 Habits of Highly Successful Homeschoolers
VIDEO: Top Secrets of Homeschool Success (What to do daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly...)
VIDEO: The One-Room Schoolhouse: Large Family Logistics 
VIDEO: "Why is TJEd So Hard??" by Ian Cox
VIDEO: The Top Questions People Ask About Core and Love of Learning Phases
VIDEO: Keys of Transition from Core to Love of Learning!
VIDEO: Will They Be Ready? (The Preparation of the "Hero") - Rachel DeMille
AUDIO: TJEd Tools for Large Families by Emma Cox and Rachel DeMille
VIDEO: How to make Love of Learning Fun by Rachel DeMille & Emma Cox
AUDIO: Teaching and Learning Basic Skills by Rachel DeMille & Emma Cox
VIDEO: How does Love of Learning lead to the Transition to Scholar? by Emma Cox & Rachel DeMille
AUDIO: How to Really (get kids to) do Scholar Phase!
VIDEO: My Journey to Scholar Phase (Confessions of a Late Bloomer)
AUDIO: How to Exponentially Increase Your Ability to Inspire Teens
VIDEO: Workshop on Scholar Contracts by Rachel DeMille & Emma Cox
AUDIO: The Bridge (You don't want to miss this one!)
VIDEO SHORT: Learning to Read, on Your Lap - Rachel DeMille [sample from Mentoring in the Classics]
VIDEO SHORT: Leveraging Success for the Late Emerging Reader - Rachel DeMille [sample from Mentoring in the Classics]
VIDEO: +->(x): Teaching Math Through the Phases
VIDEO SHORT: Leading Out with You, Not Them in Spelling - Rachel DeMille [sample from Mentoring in the Classics]
VIDEO SHORT: Writing Through the Phases - Rachel DeMille [sample from Mentoring in the Classics]
AUDIO PANEL: Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater: Teaching/Learning Writing the TJEd Way
VIDEO: Mentoring Science - TJEd Style by Oliver James DeMille
VIDEO: Family Work by Rachel DeMille & Donna Goff
VIDEO: "What does TJEd look like for kids who can't sit still and read, or who need more project-based learning?" by Rachel DeMille
VIDEO: Homeschooling the Exceptional Child: Gifted, Unschooled, Disabled, Dyslexic, etc.
Video Mentoring: The Universe Shifts
Video Mentoring: What Is Yours To Do
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Interested in this course? Email us at contact@tjed.org