Course curriculum

    1. Convention Reading Assignment

    1. VIDEO: "Our declaration of Independence" by Rachel DeMille

    2. AUDIO: The Style Over Substance Myth by Oliver DeMille

    3. Keynote: "Do You Wanna Mock People, or Do You Wanna Change the World?" by Ian & Emma Cox

    1. About our "Reading Assignment" [Optional, of course!]

    2. INTRO AUDIO: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

    3. STUDY GUIDE: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

    4. DEBRIEFING AUDIO: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

    1. Mentoring Moment: Planned obsolescence

    2. How Many Homeschoolers Does it Take to...? by Emma Cox

    3. Mentoring Moment: Begin with the End in Mind - but Start with the Beginning!

    4. Mentoring Moment: "I will know; I will do" by Rachel DeMille

    5. VIDEO: Mentoring Moment, "Go, not Stop" by Oliver DeMille

    6. VIDEO: "Leader, not Elitist - Unplugged" by Emma Cox

    7. MENTORING MOMENT: "History - How can I study to find the truth?" by Rachel DeMille

    8. Mentoring Moment: Paradigm Shift by Rachel DeMille

    1. Why TJEd Isn't Overly Structured: Principles vs Process by Ian Cox

    2. AUDIO: "The Basics of TJEd - for Dads" by Oliver DeMille

    3. AUDIO: Straight Talk About Education, Careers, and Hero Education by Oliver DeMille

    4. VIDEO: How to lead a discussion for adult group by Rachel DeMille

    5. VIDEO: How to Lead a Youth Discussion by Ian and Emma Cox

    6. VIDEO: How to lead a child or family discussion group by Emma Cox and Rachel DeMille

    7. VIDEO: How to Run Successful Simulations by Emma Cox

    8. How to Deal with Swearing (and other dark/difficult themes) In the Classics by Emma Cox

    9. VIDEO: "The Dialectic: The Art and Science of Learning Through Disagreement" by Oliver James DeMille

    10. VIDEO: Inspiring Scholar Phase by Ian Cox

    1. Finding Your Life Mission as an Adult by Ian Cox

    2. Living your mission where you are - Emma Cox and Rachel DeMille

    3. AUDIO: A Conversation to Have with Every 17-21 Year Old in Your Family by Oliver DeMille

    4. AUDIO: Nine Books that Could Change Your Life by Oliver DeMille

    5. "Raising a Generation of Socialists: Why It's Happening - and How *Not* To", by Ian Cox

    6. The Crisis is Here! (What to do about it, and How to do it Effectively)

    7. Three Hanging Threads - - - The State of the U.S. Constitution Today

    8. VIDEO: Let Freedom Ring! Teaching Children and Youth About the Principles of Freedom

    9. VIDEO: Freedom Resources Panorama

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