Course curriculum

    1. AUDIO: The Freedom Writings of George Washington

    2. VIDEO: BONUS FREEDOM KEYNOTE - "The 5 Keys to a FreedomShift: The Technology of Genius" by Oliver DeMille

    3. AUDIO: The Constitution: Hanging by a Thread

    1. WORKSHOP #1: The Crisis is Here! (What to do about it, and How to do it Effectively)

    2. WORKSHOP #2: The Crisis is Here, Part II (Get Specific)

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    1. WORKSHOP #3: Understanding and Implementing the Current Huge Shift in Values and Leadership

    2. WORKSHOP #4: The Socialism Myth

    3. WORKSHOP #5: Jefferson's Creed of Freedom

    1. WORKSHOP #6: The New Era of Education in the Eventual Post-Corona World

    2. WORKSHOP #7: The Coming FreedomShift: An Action Plan for 2020 and Beyond

    1. AUDIO: The Four Lost American Ideals

    2. Current Events Update & Debriefing, Part I Top 4 Trends in the United States, and What They Mean

    3. Current Events Update & Debriefing, Part II Top 3 International Trends Right Now and their Coming Impact

    4. Three Hanging Threads - - - The State of the U.S. Constitution Today

    5. How to Always Understand What’s Really Going On: The Insider Code & How to Apply It To See Through the News and Media

    6. Where Are We Right Now in the Cycles and Trends of History? (And What to Expect Next)

    7. The Surprising Hidden Current Battle: Free Enterprise versus the Socialism/Capitalism Mix

    8. How Can Freedom Win? (The Action Plan)

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