Course curriculum

    1. Keynote: The Choice by Ian Cox

    2. AUDIO: The 9 Words of Great Heroes and Great Education by Oliver DeMille

    3. Bread and Circuses: Rest, Entertainment, Labor, Leisure, The Balance in a Classical Life by Rachel DeMille

    4. An Introduction to TJEd High 2019! - Ian & Emma Cox

    5. Who's on Your Team? by Emma Cox

    6. AUDIO: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword by Oliver DeMille

    7. Behind the Scenes of Intelligence by Eliza DeMille Robinson

    8. Making Up for Lost Time by Oliver J DeMille & Eliza Robinson

    9. The Scholar Phase Path: Rising to the Challenge by Ian Cox

    10. Entrepreneurship for Teens by Scott and Eliza Robinson

    11. “Eat Up Me ‘Hearties, Yo Ho…” Food as a Classic by Sara DeMille

    12. Leadership Education and Music by Scott Robinson

    13. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Grandparents as Mentors by Eliza Robinson

    14. Workshop on Scholar Contracts by Rachel DeMille & Emma Cox

    15. The Well-Rounded Genius by Ian Cox

    16. Things to Do If You Feel Stuck or Uninterested in Your Studies - Emma Cox

    17. “There’s No Crying in Baseball!” #NoWhinerBabies #ScholarPhase by Emma Cox

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