We’re still building out the system and process for commonwealths having just completed our pilot test in 2018. We have already had several commonwealths reaching out to us to apply TJEd High! into their Commonwealths with their teens. We’re really excited to be able to help support local Scholar Phase groups! We're discussing a lot and working hard on how to best and most effectively work with you. 

It’s really pretty simple to plug in.

Here's the breakdown: 

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  1. The families will pay the commonwealth and the commonwealth will pay TJEd through the TJEd website (still building it out currently) or via PayPal. 
    1. Each youth will need to have their own account on the TJEd Learning Portal (or access through their parent's account here at our learning portal). 
  2. Commonwealth groups. Tuition will be $140 each semester, or every four months. 
    1. Fall semester is September through December. Winter semester is January through May. And the Summer semester is a little different. It is only three months, June through August making tuition $105.
  3. The parent mentors should enroll as students (or use their child’s account) and do the TJEd High course alongside the youth. 
    1. Listen to all the videos and read as many of the books as you can. Be a student with them. Remember You, not them. We've seen the best results when the parents or the mentors of commonwealths do this. Setting up Ian and Emma as the class mentors relieve the pressure off the parents to facilitate, support, guide and lead out in doing the checklist mentor prompts. 
  4. Then, meet for class on Monday and dive in! Start reading, reading, reading and discussing!
    1. Have a big screen TV with clear and loud audio. You want it to be big and loud to simulate a live experience and focus the senses. The times that the tech didn’t work and the pilot commonwealth just used a laptop the kids were mainly distracted and didn’t engage as much. 
  5. At the end of class send them home to continue the discussion on the TJEd high discussion forum with other Scholars as well as Oliver, Emma and Ian. Remind them to watch the Wednesday midweek mentoring video on Wednesday and to report on their checklist goals Friday.

Here's How to Enroll for Now:

Contact Us Here with the following information:

  1. The name of your Commonwealth
  2. Your State/Province and country
  3. The names and emails of the Commonwealth mentors 
  4. The names and emails of the youth in the class
  5. The total of paying participants (if the parent mentors will be sharing their children's accounts or not)

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Have each create an account at Learning.TJEd.org and we'll be able to give access to the course for the semester. 

This process can be done semester by semester or purchased a year at a time (either including or excluding the Summer semester). 

What We Recommend for Class

  •  If Monday cannot work for your Commonwealth then the earlier in the week the better. Or have one of the assignments be to listen to the mentor video at home and come prepared to discuss in class on Wednesday (or any other day). The further from Monday the youth watch the video the less power it will have.
  • Pause the video whenever someone has something to say, whether it's in response to the video or from their reading. Encourage them to share, ask, to agree, disagree, add to or whatever. Encourage discussion! Sometimes this is done by the parent mentors to get the ball rolling. Woman Wearing Blue Jacket Sitting on Chair Near Table Reading Books
  • Get through as much of the mentoring video as you can together, or as little, :) until class time is up. Then send them off with instructions to finish the video at home. 
  • Recommend parents of TJEd High Scholars watch the mentoring videos and get familiar with the readings and checklist to facilitate discussion and connection within the family.
  • Have fun! 

Video Reviews of Commonwealths

Using TJEd High 

What is your favorite part of TJEd High? 

What has been your experience combining Commonwealth with TJEd High?

Will you share your discussion experience with TJEd High?

What are your Mentoring Mom insights? 

Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Scholar Phase



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A Few More Thoughts

Check in with us if you feel it's needed for some coaching and direction to best leverage TJEd High in your Commonwealth. You can incorporate more of the midweeks, the checklist, the written discussion, etc. as your Blank Page mentoring dictates.

Remember, our sole focus with TJEd High is to help youth get a full Scholar Phase. We don't want to fall into the trap of an "entertainment class" instead of facilitating a Scholar Class. Keep it simple, keep it inspirational, keep it fun, and as parent mentors, be enthusiastic and hungry. The scholars will follow!

How Does Mentoring in the Classics Fit Into the Equation?

We also highly recommend the parents in the commonwealth do Mentoring in the Classics. This is the TJEd High version for adults with busy lives. The parents of the Commonwealth will experience a very similar thing the youth by mentoring with Oliver and Rachel DeMille. There is a lot of overlap in the classics read in Mentoring in the Classics and TJEd High. Not only will this give the parents a common classic they are reading and discussing with each other, but also with their youth. They will also gain access to our online discussion forum for those around the world doing Mentoring in the Classics. The parents learning how to mentor the classics in their home really empowers the parents to lead out confidently and have a much easier time connecting with and discussing with their children of all ages.

If you need a video conference call with other Commonwealth leaders or parents to go over this info we can arrange that. If you have any other questions please let us know here >>

Yours Truly,

The TJEd Team