What is TJEd High?

TJEd High! is all about meeting you wherever you are at, then inspiring and guiding youth through a full 5,000 hour Scholar Phase!

  • Peak at a Week in TJEd High!

    Class is Monday, short mentoring on Wednesday, return and report on Friday, while the discussion forum is live all week long.

  • TJEd High! Tracks

    New to Scholar Phase? No problem! Start off with the Easiest track. Work your way to the Easy track, then the Hard track, and finally the Hardest track. Already an avid reader? Then jump right in with the Hardest track.

  • Icon & text

    The discussion forum helps compound thinking and learning. The mentors are active participants. It slows the conversation down and draws it over over many days and sometimes weeks; we can really dig in. Those who are more quiet don't have to wrestle to be heard. Those who like to mull over their thoughts before speaking are able to. Those who talk more likewise have full opportunity.

  • TJEd High! Info Page

    For a full break down, more details, and to enroll in the full mentoring service go here: tjed.org/tjh

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Syllabus

  2. 02
    • Discussion Guidelines, Rules, and Family Discussion Groups

    • Discussion Family Assignments

  3. 03
    • Your Week 7 Checklist Decision

    • Class Debrief: Emma 2/2

    • Family Discussion Access

    • Midweek Mentoring: 1≠1 Part 3/3

    • Report on Checklist for Week 8

  4. 04
    • Your Weekly Checklist

    • Your Week 1 Checklist Decision

    • Welcome to TJEd High!

    • Discussion Family Access

    • Midweek Mentoring: Great Learning Secrets 1-3

    • Report on Checklist for Week 1

  5. 05
    • Your Week 2 Checklist Decision

    • Class: Debrief TJEd for Teens

    • Midweek Mentoring: Why Fantasy (When is it a Classic?)

    • Discussion Family Access

    • Report on Checklist for Week 2

  6. 06
    • TJEd High! Enrollment

    • I've been hearing about a TJEd High Advanced, what is that?

Sample Content

TJEd High! Info Page

For a full breakdown and to enroll in the full mentoring service click the button below.