taught by Ian & Emma Cox
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Course description

TJEd High! is all about meeting youth wherever you are at, then inspiring and guiding them through a full 5,000-hour Scholar Phase. 

Ian & Emma Cox
Ian & Emma Cox
TJEd Mentors

Who are the mentors?

  • Ian Cox, Lead Mentor
  • Emma (DeMille) Cox, Lead Mentor
  • Oliver DeMille, Lead Mentor
  • Sara DeMille, Mentor
  • Eliza (DeMille) Robinson, Mentor
  • Oliver James DeMille, Mentor
  • Missy (Nelson) DeMille, Mentor
  • Freeborn DeMille, Mentor

Ian and Emma Cox [aged 28 and 25] are young, energetic, and very much in tune with the experience of gaining a great education in youth. They are a husband and wife team who are both personally mentored by Oliver DeMille in their now post-graduate level of studies.

Ian and Emma are passionate about helping youth step up to the Love of Study, so that they spend their hours learning and refining their skills, broadening their exposure and deepening their understanding.

Subscribers to our Mentoring in the Classics series have raved at how their depth and insights not only speak to the parents, but motivate and inspire their children and youth! 

You can contact Ian and Emma personally at Ian@TJEd.org

Course Curriculum

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Syllabus Overview
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Week 5 July 1
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Interested in this course? Email us at contact@tjed.org