This Product Includes:

How to be a GREAT Homeschool Dad

  • Workshops

    4 Audio Workshop Sessions from our Seminar, “How To Be a Great Homeschool Dad” to listen to over and over

  • Downloads

    2 versions (mp3 audio book and PDF eBook) of TJEd for Dads: What’s So Great About the Classics?, by Oliver DeMille

  • Bonus Content

    Bonus mp3 audio on “Goal-Getters and the Path of Success” by Oliver DeMille (plus several additional bonuses)

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Description of Course

    • Outline

    • Accessing & Navigating Your Vault

    • The Vault Index

  2. 02
    • TJEd for Dads Session 1: The 3 Dad Superpowers ~1h 3m

    • TJEd for Dads Session 2: The One Thing That Makes All the Difference ~1h

    • TJEd for Dads Session 3: Dads as Heroes & The 8 Models of Education

  3. 03
    • Homeschooling for Dads: What's So Great About the Classics - ebook downloads

    • Homeschooling for Dads: What's So Great About the Classics audiobook

    • The Family Reading E-book

    • The Future of American Education

  4. 04
    • Sample Content from Mentoring in the Classics

    • Got your book?

    • AUDIO INTRO: Gatto's "Dumbing Us Down" ~1h 8m

    • STUDY GUIDE: Dumbing Us Down

    • AUDIO DEBRIEFING: Gatto's Dumbing Us Down ~1h 17m

    • BONUS ARTICLE: A Thomas Jefferson Cultivation

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