Course curriculum

    1. Keynote: Tools of Excellence for Healing the World & Building the New Culture by Ian & Emma

    2. An Introduction to TJEd High! with Ian & Emma Cox

    1. The Scholar Phase Path: Rising to the Challenge by Ian Cox

    2. Things to Do If You Feel Stuck or Uninterested in Your Studies - Emma Cox

    3. Bread and Circuses: Rest, Entertainment, Labor, Leisure, The Balance in a Classical Life by Rachel DeMille

    4. Copy of Workshop on Scholar Contracts by Rachel DeMille & Emma Cox

    5. “There’s No Crying in Baseball!” #NoWhinerBabies #ScholarPhase by Emma Cox

    6. Mission Part I: Why is Your Life Mission So Important?

    7. Mission Part II: Finding Your Life Mission, and Taking Action by Ian Cox

    1. 7 Classics—7 Lessons by Emma Cox

    2. Writing: The Key to Compounding Your Learning by Ian Cox

    3. Your Commonplace Book: The Genius of Notes Pt. 1 by Ian Cox

    4. 10 Reasons People Quit by Ian Cox

    5. Trust the Process by Emma Cox

    6. The Pendulum of Learning: Avoiding Its Pitfalls by Ian & Emma Cox

    7. A Body to Match Your Mission by Emma Cox

    8. Never Done Learning by Ian Cox

    9. Wildly Inadequate by Emma Cox

    1. DRAGONS, DOGS OR HEROES: The Great Freedom Challenge for Today’s Youth...How to Prepare, and How to Win

    2. The M.I.C.E. Quotient by Oliver James DeMille

    3. Behind the Scenes of Intelligence with Eliza DeMille Robinson

    4. Rut or Race? Living Your Superhero Origin Story - America DeMille

    5. Top 21 Movies for Scholar Phase by Oliver DeMille

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