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    1. VIDEO: Intro to TJEd, Part 1- The 3 Types of Education

    2. VIDEO: Intro to TJEd, Part 2: The Family Reset

    3. VIDEO: Intro to TJEd, Part 3: The Phases of Learning

    4. VIDEO: Your Homeschool Questions: What, How, When and Why - by Rachel DeMille


    1. AUDIO: "Where is Homeschool Headed in the 2020s?" by Oliver DeMille

    2. AUDIO: "Ctrl + Alt + Del: Reboot your Love of Learning! (Personally, and as a family....)" by Oliver DeMille

    3. From the TJEd Vault: "Building on Bedrock: The 7 Keys and the 4 Phases" by Oliver & Rachel DeMille

    4. VIDEO: "Weekly TJEd Tools" by Ian and Emma Cox

    5. AUDIO: "For Such a Time: Successful Time Management/Personal Organization for Homeschoolers" by Oliver DeMille

    6. VIDEO: "Living in Abundance - The Hidden Ingredient of Great Homeschooling" by Ian & Emma Cox

    7. AUDIO: "How to Create a Classical Life and Leave a Real Legacy" by Oliver DeMille


    1. WORKSHOP: History through the Phases by Emma Cox

    2. ENCORE AUDIO PANEL: Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater: Teaching/Learning Writing the TJEd Way


    1. VIDEO: Mentoring Science - TJEd Style by Oliver James DeMille

    2. ENCORE VIDEO: +->(x): Teaching Math Through the Phases by Rachel DeMille


    1. AUDIO: The 3 Most Important Things Parents Must Do to Pass On a Great Education" by Oliver DeMille

    2. VIDEO: "How in the world can parents break their own conveyor-belt mentality?" by Rachel DeMille

    3. VIDEO: "Why is TJEd So Hard??" by Ian Cox

    4. VIDEO: "A Leadership Education Approach to De-escalating Conflict in the Home" by Rachel DeMille & Emma Cox

    5. AUDIO: TJEd Tools for Large Families by Emma Cox and Rachel DeMille

    6. ENCORE VIDEO: Homeschooling the Exceptional Child: Gifted, Unschooled, Disabled, Dyslexic, etc.


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