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User Reviews:

"I am loving the veterans panels in the convention! It's like sitting down with a cup of coffee and good friends. Thank you! #TJEdOnlineConvention" ~Amy B.

“Tonight I am extremely grateful for the Online Convention. It has answered SO many of my questions, has given me a pep in my step, and has answered questions I hadn’t found words to yet. The countless hours of mentoring found in these files is priceless. Thank you for all the hard work and hours of preparation for this! Can we do this every year for the “Back to School” season? It is just what this Momma heart has needed.” ~E.E.

"As a fairly 'newbie' to Leadership Education and as someone living in a state and country with zero other TJEd-ers around me, I loved this presentation on learning and teaching math through the phases. I've read The Phases of Learning, The Student Whisperer, Hero Education, and other books but this presentation was super for where I was at with understanding my own learning and helped me to understand my children's learning better too." ~Heidi C. 

“Oh my gosh! I’m loving the convention videos! Someone won’t be sleeping tonight…” ~C.D.

"Finished the convention last night and then couldn’t sleep because I was feeling so inspired. I’d just lay down and new ideas and thoughts would come and I’d have to get up and write them down. So good! If you haven’t, you need to listen to the TJEd convention. Just don’t do it too close to bed." ~Chantel M.

"The 2018 TJEd Online Convention is just ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you need in your life right now whether you are new or have been doing this for some time. Yes, even someone like me is gaining so much from this convention!! Please, partake of this awesomeness for yourself and for your family. I just LOVE how again Oliver has made it so clear that no matter how you choose to go about your child's education that this can be done." ~Madeleine S. 

"I have been through 2 items in the Convention already and I must say I am enjoying it so much! I am always a bit skeptical with any Convention, but this one is great so far. It is really making me think and I love any reason for intentional introspection! Rachel DeMille's keynote to moms was a gut punch I didn't see coming. As someone who often asks myself "Why am I here" when she asked the question, it rocked me to the core. I will be praying and journaling a lot on the subject. I have also enjoyed Oliver DeMille's audio on the different learning/personality types. I also put a comment in the Disqus, but am not as familiar with that platform and wanted to make sure the DeMille family knew how much this Convention is meaning to me personally!" ~April S.

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TJEd.org is pleased to share with you our biggest online convention yet!

Our 2019 TJEd Online Convention is jam-packed with value! Included are the following topics and presentations*:

  • Physical readiness for learning
  • "Where is Homeschool Headed in the 2020s?" by Oliver DeMille
  • "Scarcity vs. Appreciation - The hidden Ingredient of Great Homeschooling" by Ian & Emma Cox
  • "For Such a Time: Successful Time Management/ Personal Organization for Homeschoolers" by Oliver DeMille
  • "Living Seasonally in Real Life" by Rachel DeMille
  • "History through the Phases" by Emma Cox
  • "Science through the Phases" by Oliver James DeMille
  • "How in the world can parents break their own conveyor-belt mentality?" by Rachel DeMille
  • "A Leadership Education approach to De-escalating conflict in the home" by Rachel DeMille & Emma Cox
  • The other side of "Not": The 7 Keys for people never *on* the Conveyor Belt" by Rachel DeMille
  • "Gorillas and Cats - Homeschooling During the Difficult Times" by Rachel DeMille
  • "Home Management, Cooking and Cleaning, Errands, etc." by Rachel DeMille
  • Homeschooling the Exceptional Child: Gifted, Unschooled, Disabled, Dyslexic, etc.
  • Core and Love of Learning Keynote by Oliver DeMille - "The 3 Most Important Things Parents must Do to Pass On Great Education
  • "What does TJEd look like for kids who can't sit still and read, or who need more project-based learning?" by Rachel DeMille
  •  How to make Love of Learning fun for students (12 examples on the same topic) by Rachel DeMille & Emma Cox
  •  TJEdi Panel - "What does Love of Learning look like in your home?"
  • Workshop on Scholar Contracts by Oliver & Rachel DeMille
  • "Scholar Phase - the 4-Year Plan and Implementation" by Ian Cox
  •  How do adults Renegotiate Scholar Phase? by Ian Cox and Rachel DeMille
  • "How to Really Read a Book - Finding the 'Reading Code'"[in 2 parts] by Oliver DeMille
  •  "Classics that aren't books" by Oliver DeMille
  • TJEdi Panel - "What does Scholar Phase look like in your home?"
  •  "What does Scholar Phase look like for the non-traditional learner?" by Emma Cox
  • "Renegotiating Love of Learning with Older Teens" by Rachel DeMille & Eliza Robinson
  • "Finding a personal mentor for your Adult Scholar Phase" by Oliver DeMille
  • "Scholar Phase Science" by Oliver James DeMille
  • "TJEd and College, Part 1: What everyone should know about college today" by Oliver DeMille
  • "TJEd and College, Part 2: Eleven Effective Alternatives to College" by Oliver DeMille
  • "TJEd and College, Part 3: Higher Education Keys to and Finances, Career, and Making a Living" by Oliver DeMille
  • "The 7 Lessons of Depth Phase" by Oliver DeMille
  • "How to create a classical life and leave a real legacy" by Oliver DeMille

*The content is in production right now, and is subject to change before the convention goes live.

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Between August 1 and October 1, 2019, you will have full, on-demand access to nearly 30 hours of video and audio content by the following speakers (with other free downloads!), to help you on the path of Leadership Education:

[HINT: While all presentations are suitable for anyone, we have indicated certain talks "not to be missed" by certain people - Youth, Parents, Newbies, Dads, etc. - in order to signal special interest for these attendees.]

We've walked the path you're traveling, 
and we can see the landmarks you need to know about. 
Let us share the journey with you! 

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Leadership Education Mentors
Leadership Education Mentors

You can contact Ian and Emma personally at Ian@TJEd.org

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Welcome to the 3rd Annual TJEd Online Convention
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Interested in this course? Email us at contact@tjed.org