Course curriculum

    1. VIDEO: Intro to TJEd, Part 1- The 3 Types of Education

    2. VIDEO: Intro to TJEd, Part 2: The Family Reset

    3. VIDEO: Intro to TJEd, Part 3: The Phases of Learning

    1. VIDEO - KEYNOTE FOR MOMS: Lift Your Gaze! - Rachel DeMille

    2. AUDIO - KEYNOTE FOR DADS: Straight Talk About Education, Careers, and Hero Education

    3. VIDEO - YOUTH KEYNOTE: A Generation of Heroes: How to Prepare Now

    4. VIDEO, BONUS FREEDOM KEYNOTE - "The 5 Keys to a FreedomShift: The Technology of Genius" by Oliver DeMille

    5. AUDIO: Jackalopes and Unicorns: An Introduction to the New TJEd Personality Types and Learning Styles = Oliver DeMille

    6. VIDEO: TJEd Veterans Panel, Session 1 - Family Work; Mom School; What is "enough"; Facilitating Youth

    7. VIDEO: TJEd Veterans Panel, Session 2 - Inspiring; Delayed Gratification; Time, not Content; Newbie advice; Fears

    8. VIDEO: TJEd Veterans Panel, Session 3 - Executive Function; Planning; You, not Them; Most Impactful Book

    9. VIDEO: TJEd Veterans Panel B, Session 1: Family Reading; Introducing New Topics; Filling in Gaps

    10. VIDEO: TJEd Veterans Panel B, Session 2 - Colloquia; Hated topics of study; Scholar Contracts; Day in the Homeschool

    11. VIDEO: TJEd Veterans Panel B, Session 3 - State regulations; "Bossy" kids; Finding time for Mom to study; Building a Community; Final Thoughts

    1. VIDEO: Top Secrets of Homeschool Success (What to do daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly...)

    2. VIDEO: Core Phase - It's as Simple as That. - Emma Cox

    3. VIDEO: Keys of Transition from Core to Love of Learning!

    4. VIDEO: TJEd's Answer for the Love of Learning/T2S Structure *and* Inspiration You Crave - Rachel DeMille

    5. VIDEO: +->(x): Teaching Math Through the Phases

    6. VIDEO: Math Resources Panorama

    7. VIDEO: Let Freedom Ring! Teaching Children and Youth About the Principles of Freedom

    8. Special offer!! Free Bonus Audio if you do this one thing....

    9. VIDEO: Freedom Resources Panorama

    10. VIDEO: Language Arts Resources Panorama

    11. VIDEO: Teaching Finances to Children and Youth - Ian Cox

    12. VIDEO: Homeschooling the Exceptional Child: Gifted, Unschooled, Disabled, Dyslexic, etc.

    1. What are Mentoring Moments?

    2. VIDEO SHORT: Faith, Family, Prosperity, Freedom

    3. VIDEO SHORT: Learning to Read, on Your Lap - Rachel DeMille

    4. VIDEO SHORT: Leading Out with You, Not Them in Spelling - Rachel DeMille

    5. VIDEO SHORT: Audio Learning for the Auditory Learner, and Everyone Else - Rachel DeMille

    6. VIDEO SHORT: There's Time! Slow Down to Get Ahead - Rachel DeMille

    7. VIDEO SHORT: Leveraging Success for the Late Emerging Reader - Rachel DeMille

    8. VIDEO SHORT: Writing Through the Phases - Rachel DeMille

    1. AUDIO - Freedom: The Great Challenge of the Rising Generation, and What to Do About It

    2. VIDEO: Will They Be Ready? (The Preparation of the "Hero") - Rachel DeMille

    3. VIDEO: My Journey to Scholar Phase (Confessions of a Late Bloomer) - Eliza Robinson

    4. AUDIO: The Two Halves of Scholar Phase

    5. Want your youth to study?

    6. AUDIO PANEL: Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater: Teaching/Learning Writing the TJEd Way

    7. AUDIO: Three Short and Fantastic Math Readings: A Group Discussion (Lockhart’s Lament, Benezet Math, The Multiple Choice Test—available free on PDF for all attendees)

    8. VIDEO: Confessions of a Late Bloomer, Part 2 - Skot and Eliza Robinson

    1. What's Next for You?

    2. VIDEO: Is Mentoring in the Classics for you?

    3. VIDEO: For Core and Love of Learning - YSS+TWIH

    4. VIDEO: TJEd High! Preview for the Coming Year!

    5. VIDEO: The TJEd High Vision!

    6. SAMPLE CONTENT: Debrief Hero Education

    7. SAMPLE CONTENT: Midweek Mentoring - The Ant and the Elephant from TJEd High

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