Youth-Specific Inspiration for An Education to Match Your Mission | taught by Leadership Education Mentors

Course description

We're working through the summer heat to produce the content for this Youth Conference, which will run from 8/3-10/1/18, right here! 

Scroll down for the rundown of what we have planned.**

How does it work?

Once you purchase your family's youth registration (no need to purchase multiples for the same household), log in any time after 8/3/18 to gain full access to the conference, on your own schedule! 

All content is pre-recorded for on-demand viewing/listening.


  • $20/household 

*Please note that Summer 2018 TJEd High! participants have complimentary access to the Youth Conference. 

To enroll in TJEd High, CLICK HERE >>

To register for the Convention alone, CLICK HERE >>

**There may be some changes in the final conference itinerary before it goes live.

Leadership Education Mentors
Leadership Education Mentors