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The TJEd Online Convention is now available by monthly subscription! No deadline stress – just enroll and unsub at your own convenience. Or choose the economical yearly subscription for greater savings!
TJEd Mentors
TJEd Mentors
A Thomas Jefferson Education

TJEd.org is pleased to share with you our biggest online convention yet!

Our 2017 TJEd Online Convention is jam-packed with value! Included are:

  • Over 3 hours of Rachel DeMille recorded live at a recent convention. This rare video capture shows Rachel at her transparent and inspiring best. Due to our own family demands, we rarely travel to such events as these anymore. Don’t miss this!
  • Hear Eliza DeMille Robinson’s heart-felt narrative of her own challenges to renegotiate lost Love of Learning so she could progress to Scholar Phase. Celebrate the triumph of her journey, and see how her experience can encourage and inform the healing of others who likewise need to experience some healing in order to find success on the path of Leadership Education
  • Hear Freeborn DeMille’s clarion call to his peers to step up to their generational challenge and get the education they’ll need to fulfill their missions
  • Find out about the critical success of Scholar Phase, and learn how Beginning with the End in Mind takes away 80% of the stress and uncertainty of your homeschooling life
  • Be a part of the Great Conversation, and join others who will be responding to and applying the concepts covered in this convention
  • …plus lots more!
  • Subscribe for as long as you need - and then discontinue at any time!


Choose your preference:

  • $35/month - includes your whole household at one low price


  • $259/year for a yearly renewal on long-term access (scroll to bottom of page for yearly subscription)


While your subscription is active you will have full, on-demand access to nearly 30 hours of video and audio content by the following speakers (with other free downloads!), to help you on the path of Leadership Education:

[HINT: While all presentations are suitable for anyone, we have indicated certain talks "not to be missed" by certain people - Youth, Parents, Newbies, Dads, etc. - in order to signal special interest for these attendees.]

General Interest Workshops

Oliver DeMille

1. KEYNOTE - “Beginning With the End In Mind” (The Hardest Part of a Great Homeschool, and How to Make It Easier, More Effective, and More Fun”)


2. Featured Workshop -  The 9th Key: Stand Up For Something (In the right way, at the right time, for the right reason)

The 7 Keys of Great Teaching are revolutionizing education wherever they are applied. The 8th Key [Secure, not Stressed] brings balance and grounding to the mix. In this time of challenges and opportunities, Oliver DeMille presents “The 9th Key,” which transforms the 8 Keys into a formula to not only bring excellence, relevance and purpose to education, but also to elevate the process to an expression of personal mission!


3. Featured Workshop - Applying the 9th Key

Oliver takes the grand scope of the 9th Key and brings it into focus with 9 ways to apply it.


4. Featured Workshop - "Which Phase am I In?"

Leadership Education is not just about the leaders that you hope your children may become. To truly be "Leadership" Education in your home, YOU must lead out. It's not just about the genius that may be drawn out and refined from your kids; YOU have genius that needs to be unleashed on the world. And when you own that truth, when you embrace your own education, you will see an amazing transformation in your family education culture.


Ian Cox & Emma (DeMille) Cox

5. YOUTH KEYNOTE - “What is 'TJEd High!'?” (Q&A Session)

  • How TJEd is taking your youth to a higher altitude
  • Mentoring great classics and skills
  • Empowering a Love of Study
  • Transformational Models
  • Mid-week Check-ins
  • Monthly online summits
  • How to mentor and be mentored
  • Getting the most out of your other classes and studiesFilling in the Gaps
  • Live chat discussions in an exclusive online platformPreparing for Career and Mission

6-8. Three Separate Q&A Panels - Moderated by Shawn Crane (Direct responses to questions sent in by YOU! )

  • TJEd Veteran Moms Panel
  • TJEd Veteran Dads Panel
  • TJEd Veteran Panel (The Hard Questions)

9. Q&A with TJEd Graduates Panel - Moderated by Emma Cox (Direct responses to questions sent in by YOU!) 

Rachel DeMille

10. Featured Workshop - The One-Room Schoolhouse: Large Family Logistics

One of the questions most often asked by homeschoolers is how to manage the many personalities, styles and ages in a family. Not only is Rachel DeMille a sought-after mentor for homeschoolers around the world, she is the mother of 8, two with severe dyslexia, one with multiple disabilities, all with unique gifts, challenges and interests. Learn from a joyful homeschooler the principles and skills of successfully homeschooling a large family!

11. Featured Workshop - The Teaching Moment: Homeschooling in the Inspirational Zone through Great Conversations

Epiphany. Diamond Dust. Eureka. Aha! Call it what you will, effective and lasting learning takes place in the Inspirational Zone, and homeschoolers are uniquely positioned to multiply such teaching moments, and to make the most of them when they occur. Whether responding to great literature, internalizing math, history or science facts, reteaching behavior, role playing challenging situations, or getting to know the real heart of each child, seizing the Teaching Moment is an art that can be learned and refined. Join Rachel DeMille for this practical and inspiring workshop!

12. Featured Workshop - Inspiring the Inquiring Mind (How to Teach and Lead in the Realm of Curiosity) 


13. Featured Workshop - The Frustrated, Reluctant or Accidental Homeschooler (3 Things You Must Get Right)

Here you are. Maybe you didn’t plan on homeschooling, or maybe the reality is daunting. What dedicated parent hasn’t thought, My kids deserve better than this – but this is all I know….? In this 1-hour video, TJEd’s own Rachel DeMille gives you 3 concrete, tried-and-true remedies to get you past your overwhelm and right on in to loving your homeschool life!

Track I Workshops

For Families in Core Phase and Love of Learning

14. Workshop - “The 5 Habits of Highly Successful Homeschoolers!” - Rachel DeMille  (An Introduction - or Re-introduction - to Effective Homeschooling and the 5 Simple Things That Will Determine Your Level of Success) 

15. Workshop - “Introduction to TJEd” Oliver DeMille (The 3 Types of Education and the 7 Keys of Great Teaching/Learning)


16. Workshop - “The Top Questions People Ask About Core and Love of Learning Phases” - Rachel DeMille & Emma Cox


17. Workshop - “Catching Up As An Adult!” - Ian Cox (The BEST time to do this right now. For many, the EASIEST time to do this is during your kids’ Core and Love of Learning Phases. Learn HOW.) 

Track II Workshops

Teens, Teens-to-Be & Parents

18. Workshop -“How to Exponentially Increase Your Ability to Inspire Teens” - Oliver DeMille (In a Powerful and Effective 10-Minute Change!) 

19. Workshop - "My Journey to Scholar Phase: Confessions of a Late Bloomer” - Eliza (DeMille) Robinson, age 20 (The Ups, the Downs, and Why Tears, Laughter and Fun Really do Work) 

20. Workshop - “Mission Power!” - Ian Cox (Lessons on Great Education from Galileo, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Other Greats…) 

21. Workshop - “3 Things to Do If You Feel Stuck or Uninterested in Your Studies” - Emma Cox 

This quick bite of practical know-how comes from a successful student and mentor who's had to find her way through some slumps (and we all have them!). Have a pen in hand, and consider how it applies to you (and perhaps those you mentor...)!

22. Workshop - “How To Really (get kids to) Do Scholar Phase: What Actually Works!” - Emma Cox & Oliver DeMille

  • What Actually Works
  • Practical skills and techniques to facilitate Transition to Scholar
  • The Scholar Contract
  • What Scholar Phase is and isn't
  • From Love of Learning to Love of Study

23. Special Workshop (From Our Classic Audio Files)- “The Bridge!” - Oliver DeMille (Why It Is So Important, and How To Do It Effectively!)

This audio discusses how to transition from Scholar to Depth Phase, and how to use that critical "Bridge" to fill in the gaps that inevitably occur during childhood and youth, so that young adults are prepared to take on higher education, private mentoring, career and adult responsibilities, while pursuing a Depth Phase education that helps them achieve their personal mission.



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