TJEd High! Summer B 2019

What is TJEd High!?

TJEd High! is an online* liberal arts mentoring service for youth, designed to motivate and empower serious Scholar Phase study, and enhance and leverage whatever other studies the youth is involved in - whether it's private studies with a local mentor; public, private or charter school; co-op/commonwealth/Vanguard; online courses; etc.

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Take a quick look at a week in the life of a TJEd High Scholar: 

Who's it for?

  1. Youth, aged 13-18 who are prepared to do weekly readings and discussion at a basic level.
  2. A "Super-charged" honors level with additional readings and mentoring content is available at no additional cost for students who want to challenge themselves to even more depth and rigor.

TJEd High! is all about meeting you where you are, then guiding and inspiring you to take the next step, and then the next, and the next, through a full 5,000-hour Scholar Phase.

It has been said,

"When God wants to change the world,

He sends a baby..."

Is it you?

Family Rates

We know other educational programs and mentoring services can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars ($1,000+), and then trying to do something for the whole family, many homeschooling families can really struggle to do so. We strive to provide top-notch quality, experience, and make it very available for the whole family. We're looking for thousands of youth getting a truly superb Leadership Education! 

The challenges that face us now and that will face our youth are too great to not be prepared to successfully face them and overcome anything we are to face. We live with the future George Washingtons, Winston Churchills, Florence Nightingales, Paganinis, Helen Kellers, Dale Carnegies, Margaret Thatchers, Charles Schwabs, Thomas Jeffersons, Joans of Arc, Aristotles...etc., etc., etc.

We do offer family rates for families for multiple Scholars taking the program. The first Scholar will be at the base rate each month, the second Scholar (or each additional Scholar) can subscribe for only $15. 

Please Contact Us with the first name and emails that are, or will be, associated with their TJEd High accounts and we'll be able to help apply the family rate for you! 

What does it look like? 

TJEd High! is designed to inspire and help lead youth to read, read, read and discuss a lot. We have a lot of fun and really lean into the hard work. 

The TJEd High subscription processes monthly and is a continuous year-round mentoring program. Between each semester will be a 2-4 week break. The subscription can easily be stopped at any time. Enrollment is recommended before the semester starts (big surprise, I know), but by request, we still take Scholars several weeks after the semester begins before closing enrollment. 

As for the program itself, each of the video Mentoring content is pre-recorded for on-demand streaming that fits your schedule. Here is an overview of when content goes live and what each week in TJEd High! looks like: 

Live on Monday

Set your weekly Checklist goal (click here for a break down) ~1-3 Minutes                                           

Choose one each week: Easiest Track, Easy Track, Hard Track, or Hardest Track 

Book debrief and Mentoring ~50-90 Minutes

The week's Family Discussion groups

Live on Wednesday:

Midweek Mentoring ~10-30 Minutes

Live on Friday: 

Report on week's Action Items from the Checklist (see above Checklist for a break down). 

You will report here if you did the reading and discussing you committed to on Monday in the Checklist. Reporting here is one of the Action Items listed. 

Here is a video break down of the Checklist and Action Items:

What if I’m already enrolled in another program?

Students who are enrolled in public school, online high school, private or charter schools, Commonwealth schools, homeschooling co-ops, or other structured programs can use TJEd High! to be more inspired, study more passionately and effectively, and add increased depth and skills to their other studies.

TJEd High! Qualifies for tuition reimbursement with most online umbrella High Schools. Check with yours today! 

Special Instructions: Once your Private or Charter school has paid for TJEd High forward the invoice to Ian ( with the name and email of the Scholar the invoice covers. Then we'll work our magic and give your Scholar access! 


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Special Note for Parents

ALSO: We urge TJEd High! parents to lead out by working on Mentoring in the Classics.  We highly recommend this option for the family's best success in Leadership Education, so that everyone is benefiting from a great learning trajectory!

You will have free access to our Parent Seminar that will have each semester's syllabus posted as well as updates, insights, and aides to help you with your Scholars in TJEd High!

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*TJEd High operates as an online instruction, fulfillment and mentoring service for Colesville Fields, Inc., a Utah Corporation.

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