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2018 Convention Subscription Access

Dozens of presentations, for dads, moms, youth, beginners, exceptional families, etc.--all at one low price per household, with two months full access to all content, on-demand.

Oliver DeMille

MIC+ Family Classic Sampler

Three beloved family classics get the MIC+ treatment - at one bundled price for immediate access.

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2017 TJEd Online Convention Access

The TJEd Online Convention is now available by monthly subscription! No deadline stress – just enroll and unsub at your own convenience. Or choose the economical yearly subscription for greater savings!

Oliver DeMille

How to Mentor

You’re a good mentor, but you’ve been stressing. You’ve been wishing. You’ve been trying not to get frustrated with what might have been, what could be, if you were only a better mentor. Well, now you can be!


TJEd High! Winter 2019 for Charter and Private Schools

Getting an Education to Match Your Mission!