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Homeschooling for Dads Toolkit

Oliver DeMille

How to Mentor

*Qualifies as TJEd High Tutor Training* You’re a good mentor, but you’ve been stressing. You’ve been wishing. You’ve been trying not to get frustrated with what might have been, what could be, if you were only a better mentor. Well, now you can be!

Oliver DeMille

Current Events, Trends, and Cycles in History

Understanding Media and Shaping Your Future

Oliver DeMille

Understanding the Constitution

Freedom is under attack by many leading institutions and groups in the U.S. and internationally. People who care about our freedoms need to understand what is really going on—now more than ever!

Oliver DeMille

MIC+ Family Classic Sampler

Three beloved family classics get the MIC+ treatment - at one bundled price for immediate access.

Oliver DeMille

Black Belt in Freedom Custom Bulk

Black Belt in Freedom